This site was created by Sam Churchill, with the original idea to have a webcam showing the Interstate 5 bridge and Vancouver Washington, located at River Mile 128 on the Columbia River. But I moved to a different location, just off the river.

The current Vancouver City Hall Webcam changes automatically and includes the Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River, Mount Hood, and the Columbia River Waterfront as well as the BNSF rail line. The live Vancouver camera is powered by Streamdays.com and may use an Axis network camera. Streamdays supports all IP cameras that can run H.264 over RTSP which is the vast majority of IP cameras available. Streamdays offers unlimited viewers and data use for $35/month.

A camera dedicated to rail traffic through the city of Vancouver might use image recognition to determine the number of coal, oil and propane cars. That information could be used for billing hazardous transit fees.

How much money could a live train camera generate a month for the City of Vancouver…$1K a month…$10K a month…More?

Anyway, I use this site to post things that interest me, such as wireless technology, art and nature. But mostly it’s about Hayden Island. Hope you enjoy it.

– Sam Churchill