Stop #16 — Biking


Biking along the Columbia River is rewarding. Both the Vancouver and Oregon feature waterfront paths with much to see.

In Oregon, the Marine Drive Trail follows the Columbia River, past the Gleason Boat Ramp and Portland International Airport, on past to Bluelake Park (map) and Troutdale, the gateway to The Columbia River Gorge.

Want to go downriver? Take Marine Drive by the Expo Center and head west, towards Kelly Point Park, the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. It’s about 30 minutes away by bike and broad sandy beaches, picnic spots and recreational activities.

The Expo Center Max train (and Marine Drive) connects to Hayden Island on the pedestrian path along the East side of the bridge over North Portland Harbor.

Smith and Bybee Lakes are a restored natural habitat with viewing spots, while the Columbia Slough trail traverses the industrial underbelly of the region.

Portland Bike Maps and Vancouver Bike Maps (pdf) are available at Vancouver City Hall.

Vancouver Parks and Recreation Trail Maps, as well as information on regional parks are also available.

The main bike trails that parallel the Columbia River are the Marine Drive Trail, and the Lewis and Clark Discovery Greenway, on the Washington shore. These trails will take you to other destinations. Metro’s Regional Trails and Greenways Guide has lots more.

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