Interstate 5 Traffic conditions, twitter feeds and live cameras.

Twitter Feeds:

Live Cameras:

Recently, Metro, P-DOT, O-DOT and WS-DOT paid Replica software from Sidewalk Labs $500K to supply anonymized Advertising IDs on cellphones as a tool to synthesize the mobile population. It also enables Tolling, Congestion Pricing and Time of Day Pricing. No GPS device required. It uses your phone. Tracks your location and identity.

Advertiser ID, is a small bit of code (like a VIN number) that EVERY phone user unwittingly carries…and nobody wants to talk about (except advertisers).

License Plate Readers on the bridge can de-anonymize your location/Advertiser ID. That’s a valuable commodity. ODOT knows who you are, your home address, and phone number and sells that information.

Your unique, anonymous Advertiser ID can be attached to your purchases (on Loyalty Cards), your neighborhood (with census data), and your location (with GPS). Advertisers know where you live and what you buy (but not necessarily WHO you are) because Advertiser ID is anonymous.

Attaching a name and address to the Ad-ID isn’t rocket science. Just look at the time and location of the Ad-ID and match it with a License Plate Reader. Bingo. You can track anyone.

But soon, iOS 14, apps will be REQUIRED to receive user permission to track users across apps. Apple says they are committed to ensuring users can choose whether or not they allow an app to track them. Currently, about 70% of IOS users share their IDFA (ID For Advertisers) with app publishers, after this change it’s estimated that this number will drop to 10% to 15%.

Meanwhile, Google plans to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome next year. Chrome is the most widely used web browser. Google says that more privacy and security features are coming soon in Android 12.

The DOTS plan on using Advertiser ID to charge you for tolling, congestion pricing, and time of day pricing.

But here’s the thing:

  • Gas Tax revenue is going away in 2035-2040 due to EVs.
  • Advertising ID tracking is going away due to Apple and Google.

How will the DOTs pay for the bridge? The Gas Tax and revenue from Big Data may not be forthcoming.