Autonomous boats

Portland is ideally positioned for developing Autonomous Boats and floating platforms. They can be used for river surveys, surveillance, data gathering and other missions.

Oregon has drone testing airports, InSitu, drone electronics like FLIR systems, Oregon Iron Works/Vigor, LandRover autonomous Lab, Daimler, NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), the Ocean Observatory off the Oregon Coast and the Cyberinfrastructure. Oregon State University is responsible for all un-cabled instrument data on the Pacific coast. These organizations know how to fund research projects.

Autonomous Boats Will Be On the Market Sooner Than Self-Driving Cars. They’re easier to test and faster to become profitable.

Portland has the people. Hayden Island has the water.

Here are some companies developing autonomous boats

(1) ASV Global

(2) Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group

(3) Ocean Alpha

(4) Riverwatch

(5) Autonomous Marine Systems (Boston)

(6) Buffalo Automation (Buffalo)

(7) Sea Machines (Boston)

(8) Sub-Sea Tech (France)

(9) Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V),

(10) Automation Packages

(11) Bluebird Electric (UK)

(12) Ocean Alpha

(13) Saildrone (Alameda)

(14) Underwater Robots at Oregon State University