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Welcome to Hayden Island, Portland, Oregon’s only island community. We’re located on the Columbia River where the Interstate 5 bridge crosses between Oregon and Washington. The Columbia is the fourth-largest river in North America. Hayden Island is one of four major islands in the Portland Metropolitan area; the others are Ross Island, Sauvie Island, and Government Island.

Hayden Island, with a population around 2,500 full time residents, features six boat marinas, several condos, a large manufactured home community, and 4 floating home moorages. Manufactured homes, unlike mobile homes, cannot be easily moved. Floating homes have no propulsion, are firmly docked, and have power and sewage services. House boats are more mobile. Boat houses are homes for boats.

The island, which Interstate 5 passes through towards the mainland, may be best know for the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center on the western half of the island. Lotus Isle Park, on the southern edge of Tomahawk Island (the eastern half of the island), features a playground, picnic tables and a gorgeous view of the river. It was named after the Lotus Isle amusement park which operated on Hayden Island for a brief period in the 1930’s.

Past the railroad bridge, west of I-5, the island features 800 acres of undeveloped natural preserve, owned by the Port of Portland.

While Hayden Island is not short of amenities for its residents, there are no schools in the neighborhood. Younger children attend Peninsula Elementary in Kenton or Cesar Chavez School in Portsmouth. Older children attend Roosevelt High School in St. Johns.

The goal of this website is to aggregate information about Hayden Island, including Businesses, the Columbia River Crossing bridge, Development News, Fishing, Sustainability, Maritime News, Vessel and Car traffic, History, Vancouver news, West Hayden Island and lots more.

The website and its content was created by Sam Churchill who has lived on Hayden Island for about five years. I found videos, text and photos from a bunch of places on the internet. Thanks to all the sources.

The Port of Vancouver and the Vancouver Grain terminal, which is owned by United Grain Corporation, is West of the I-5 bridge. The Oregonian has a time-lapse made from the wheelhouse of a working tug traveling through the I-5 bridge.

Vancouver Washington is located at River Mile 128 on the Columbia River, near the confluence of the Willamette River which goes through Portland, about 12 miles south from this point.

Bridges across the Columbia River include the Lewis and Clark bridge, about 50 miles west, connecting Rainier, Oregon to Longview Washington. The Astoria Megler Bridge is at the mouth of the Columbia River. The Bridge of the Gods, some 40 miles upriver, connects Cascade Locks OR to Stevenson, WA.

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Our political representatives include House Speaker Tina Kotek (District 44), Senator Chip Shields (District 22) and Earl Blumenauer (Congressional District 3).

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The Port of Longview generated revenue of $28 million in 2011, the Port of Vancouver, with more than 50 marine and industrial tenants, employ 2,300 people, generating a total overall income of $859.6 million, while the Port of Portland aviation and marine activities produced more than $1.7 billion in total income for the region. In contrast, the Port of Astoria is losing money.

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Until recently, Vancouver’s United Grain and Portland’s Columbia Grain on Terminal 5 received grain only via rail. But now, Tidewater and Shaver tugs deliver barges to two staging areas on the North side of Hayden Island where they are then retrieved by grain-elevator companies. The grain operators dispute with longshoreman is ongoing.


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