Stop #8 — Kenton & Bridgeton Neighborhoods

The Bridgeton Neighborhood, the smallest neighborhood in Portland, is directly across the bay from Hayden Island, on the North Portland Harbor shore.

Once a thriving fishing and farming community, it is positioned upon the levy of the North Portland Harbor channel and home to many boat moorages and floating homes.

Some 1,000 people live in the neighborhood which extends from the I-5 freeway, east to NE 13th Street and Marine Drive.

In 1907, a one-room schoolhouse, the Columbia School, was constructed in the area. Between 1915 and 1930, housing was developed in the area, which was the terminus of the Vancouver Interurban streetcar line.[citation needed] The Faloma post office served the area from August 13, 1921, to June 15, 1935. Faloma is derived from the initials of three local landowners (Force, Love and Moore) after the United States Postal Service rejected Bridgeton as too common.

Kim Swenson and her husband Bob Rouse, live in a floating home and are the owners of Channel’s Edge, a gift shop and restaurant that they opened in 2004. The cafe has live music on Friday nights.

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